Writing the History of Jerusalem: Sources and Methods


21st March 2018

Research Program « Religious Norms and Practices between East and West »

Centre de recherche français à Jérusalem, École biblique et archéologique française, École française de Rome

Writing the History of Jerusalem: Sources and Methods

Many books have been and will be written about Jerusalem from the first Arab conquest to today. Nevertheless, the weight of academic divisions and the range of linguistic skills required have strongly influenced a scientific production that most often separates the Christian and Islamic studies, and the different methodological approaches. It is to these divisions that the present seminar intends to reflect. By bringing together researchers from different fields of the humanities and social sciences – history, ethnography and archeology – this seminar would like to think first of all about the implications of the definition of an interdisciplinary method and of the choice of cross-cutting objects of study on our knowledge of Jerusalem in medieval, modern and contemporary times.

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